COVID-19 Life Insurance Myths – Dispelled

While no amount of money can ever replace a life, insurers have and continue to do everything they possibly can to help families cope financially through these distressing and worrying times.

There are many false rumours and claims circulating regarding life insurance claims and COVID-19. In our article we hope to dispel these myths. If you have any further questions regarding this, tweet us @aberdeenmortgco.

I’ve had a COVID-19 vaccine, is my life insurance still valid?

There are claims being made that having the COVID-19 vaccine will impact your Life Insurance cover. As reported by the Association of British Insurers (ABI), this is false. Receiving a vaccination against Covid-19 will not impact your life insurance cover.

What do the Life Insurance providers say?


If you have a life insurance policy with Aviva and they pass away due to coronavirus, Aviva will pay out, if the claim meets the terms and conditions of the policy.

Legal & General

Subject to all the normal criteria for a claim being met, Legal and General have no exclusions around taking medically approved vaccinations. You will continue to be covered if any reaction or complications arise as a result of taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

Equally you will continue to be covered if you have (had) COVID-19 and had previously refused a COVID-19 vaccine.


COVID-19 vaccinations will not have a negative impact on your cover.

LV are aware that there are claims being made that having the COVID-19 vaccine will adversely impact life insurance and other insurance policies. This is not true. If you have had a COVID-19 vaccine as part of the UK vaccination programme, there will be no negative impact when applying for or claiming under any of our personal or business protection policies.

Source: LV, March 2021,

Royal London

If you’re worried about whether you’re covered for coronavirus under your life policy, Royal London would like to reassure you that claiming on your Life Insurance for death due to coronavirus is valid, as long as the terms and conditions agreed under your plan are met.

Royal London life policies don’t contain exclusions in relation to pandemics or the contraction of a virus in a foreign country.


Should you pass away as a result of Coronavirus, or complications from the virus, a claim will be paid, as per the terms of your life insurance plan.

Source: Vitality Coronavirus FAQs, March 2021,

Has there been life insurance pay-outs for COVID-19 deaths?

Association of British Insurers (ABI) figures show equivalent of over £550,000 per day was paid in Covid-19 death claims in 2020.

According to the figures, there were 11,198 claims received under individual and group life insurance policies. Of these, 10,205 were individual policies (whole life, term insurance and critical illness claims) with 993 on group life insurance schemes.

A total of £202 million was paid out throughout the year on 96% of individual and 99% of group claims.

LV have published their COVID-19 related claims. As of 31 August, the total value of COVID-19 related claims exceeded £6 million.

Craig Paterson, chief underwriter at Royal London, said: “Despite 2020 being an unpredictable year, we continued to pay claims promptly and support our customers. The pandemic has shown the importance of having protection in place and we have paid £13.1 million in Covid-19 related claims.”

Looking for advice on your life insurance?

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