Movember: The Importance of Financial Protection

This month men all over the country will be growing out their facial hair for Movember as a fun way to raise awareness of men’s cancer and mental health risks.

We all think “It won’t happen to me”. But most of us know of someone either directly or through friends and family that have been affected.

Prostate Cancer was the most common cancer found in males, in 2017. It was the second most common cancer of cancer death in the UK in 2017. [1]

Testicular Cancer in the UK has more than 6 cases diagnosed every day, around 2,400 new testicular cancer cases every year (2015 – 2017). Incidence rates for testicular cancer in the UK are highest in males aged 30 to 34 (2015-2017). In the 1970s, around 7 in 10 men diagnosed with testicular cancer survived their disease beyond ten years, now it’s around all men. [2]

Mental Health Awareness

Men’s mental health awareness is also important to the Movember Foundation. Suicide rates are over three times higher among men than women in the UK [3]. When you combine that with research from 2015 that found 70% of managers didn’t believe stress, anxiety or depression were valid reasons for taking time off work, [4] it’s vital to overcome the stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace and among men.

What’s Your Plan?

What would you do if you were diagnosed with cancer or another illness? What would happen if you were unable to work due to an illness or injury? Having critical illness cover and income protection can help you cope financially with these situations. Many providers also offer access to support during what can be an overwhelming and difficult time.

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