Critical Illness Cover: How it Helps You & Your Child

Critical Illness Cover is designed to financially support you in case the worst happens, and you are diagnosed with a critical condition that is specified in your policy. Most people don’t realise that children are actually one of the most common reasons for people needing to claim.

Critical Illness Cover from AIG automatically covers any child that you have now or in the future as standard. Their enhanced children’s critical illness cover allows a parent to claim up to 50% of the value of their policy (up to a maximum of £35,000) if their child is diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses they cover.

Their protection covers a child from day one. If a child is in intensive care (eg. severe case of premature child) for 7 days then AIG will pay out full benefit.

AIG Children’s Critical Illness Cover overview:

  • A payment of up to £35,000 for major conditions that can affect children including cancer and heart failure;
  • Ten additional child-specific conditions such as Craniosynostosis, Down’s syndrome, Hydrocephalus, Patau syndrome and a benefit payable should the child require a stay in intensive care;
  • A double payment of up to £70,000 if the child’s treatment is only available overseas;
  • Cover on congenital conditions if the parents were unaware their child had it when they took out the cover;
  • Cover up to the age of 22 regardless of whether or not they are in full-time education;
  • Cover for any children your client has now or in the future;
  • Child life cover of £10,000 payable if a child dies during the term of the cover. This benefit is provided in addition to any claim made under children’s critical illness.

In addition, AIG will pay a pregnancy cover benefit of £5,000 if the person covered suffers from a defined complication during pregnancy.

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