Serious Illness Cover Vs Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness can strike at any time.

  • 1 in 2 people in the UK (born after 1960) will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime. [1]
  • Every 7 minutes someone will have a heart attack [2]
  • Every 12 minutes someone will have a stroke [2]

Serious Illness Cover from Vitality helps protect you financially if the worst was to happen to you, and you fall ill with one of the 178 conditions that they cover. They pay out a cash lump sum based on the severity of your condition. It gives you financial stability allowing you plenty of time to recover.

Serious illness cover works differently from typical critical illness cover, in the way it pays out on less severe conditions as well as the more critical ones. So if you get ill and need to claim, Vitality will give you a percentage of your cover depending on how severe your condition is. This means that if a condition gets caught early on, a portion of your cover will be paid out. You’ll also have the rest of your cover should you need to claim in the future.

There are two types of serious illness cover offered by Vitality. Comprehensive and Primary. Comprehensive Serious Illness Cover covers you for 178 conditions and Primary Serious Illness Cover which covers you for 145 conditions.

Example, Eye to age 70.

Condition Percentage payout Primary     Comprehensive
Blindness (permanent & irreversible) Severity A – 100% (most severe)
Severity B – 75%
Significant Visual Impairment Severity C – 50%
Central Blindness Severity D – 25%
Blindness in one eye Severity E – 15%
Corneal Transplant Severity F – 10%
Severity G – 5% (least severe)

Source: How does Serious Illness Cover on the VitalityLife plan compare?, August 18

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